«It was a great week that was very well-organized and planned. Both – students and teachers- enjoyed it very much. Choreographing and performing an acro-gym show brought the students closer together and they formed a strong relationship in no time. They learned to work together in a team and to make the most of their strengths. By participating in a regular school day we learned a lot about the Spanish school system which was also interesting for us teachers as well as the students. The activities related to «Las Fallas» left us deeply impressed, especially the visit to the Fallas artist. The same can be said about our visit to Valencia and the guided tour which was very informative. Apart from our Erasmus + schedule we also enjoyed the extra activities in Xàtiva, for example trying the traditional Spanish food, picking oranges and participating in Spanish festivities (Canals) and watching a game of pilota valenciana.»
Kathrin Romaneessen (German teacher).