Corpus Christi in Xàtiva

Corpus Christi festivity was the topic we worked together with the German students during their visit to our country. The German students and the teachers arrived on Saturday17th June. The students were accommodated in their host families and on Sunday they had their first group activity. They met to see the civic and religious procession of Corpus Christi, which has a great tradition in Xàtiva. They were able to appreciate the dances performed by the different schools of the city and learn about the traditions and our heritage.

On Monday they worked on the project in our school, guided by the music teacher Robert Arnau they learned the dances «els Palotets» and listened to traditional songs to choose together what would be the song for the final performance of acrogymnastics.

The German students enjoyed their week in Spain as they had the opportunity to learn many unknown cultural aspects related to Corpus Christi.

One of the activities that impressed them the most was the visit to the Corpus Christi Museum that we have in our city. We were lucky to have the Art History and Heritage teacher, Sebastián Garrido, who explained in great detail to the students aspects related to the Corpus Christi festivity that were very interesting for the students.

They also made a guided visit to the city of Valencia and spent an afternoon enjoying our natural environment, at the beach in Gandia, where they had to practice the choreography for the group performance and the teachers also programmed some games so that the group of Spanish-German students could spend a wonderful afternoon outdoors.
The German students appreciated our gastronomy and had a great time with their host families.

The final acro-gymnastics performance was a great success and they enjoyed it together with their classmates, families and some teachers from our school.

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Sharing our cultural heritage to improve school performance

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