Last 9th October, Rafael Climent, Laura Santamargarita and Jorge García, teachers from IES Doctor Lluís Simarro Lacabra (Xàtiva) flew to Germany in order to carry out some teacher training in Ulrichsgymnasium (Norden). The main purpose was the creation of different learning scenarios to put them into practice with our students, among other aspects.

Two students (Àngels Montell and Laia Rubio) came with us for their long-term mobility after having been provided with some pre-departure training. Both students are living a great experience there, which will have an impact on their future as this will become very positive for their personal and academic growth. They are having the same school routine as the rest of students have since they are part of ordinary groups

Besides, they are living with two hosting families and, thanks to this, they will be able to improve their speaking skills and learn about German life.

Regarding the teacher training, our German colleagues arranged a very useful and interesting programme. Monday 11th October started with a guided tour through the school so that we could see the facilities.

After that nice tour, Silas Lippert, an expert in the use of educational apps provided us with excellent ideas to be used in our lessons and in our project.

We were taught how to use Plickers, Menti and Oncoo. We found these resources quite practical.

For that afternoon, Petra, another teacher, had prepared a guided tour through Norden during which she told us about the most relevant facts of Norden in Jewish times.

The next morning, we started working on our learning scenarios to be applied in our lessons and we also had another session with Silas Lippert to learn more about the use of new technologies in class. This time we dealt with other resources such as Sketchnotes.

Next, we met Gitta Kleen, Erasmus+ Ambassador and teacher at Gymnasium Ulricianum in Aurich. As an expert, she gave us good tips on how to improve our Twinspace by using tools like Twinboard and Forum making students get involved in the project regularly.

We spent the rest of the day learning a bit more about the history of the area. We visited a town full of history (II World War) called Emden, where Johannes Thiele showed us symbolic landmarks such as the Kunsthalle (a museum of modern art), the harbour, the Town Hall, houses of Dutch influence and a very significant bunker. 

On Wednesday, Silas Lippert offered us a last session about the use of greenscreen videos and Gitta Kleen talked about the use of Padlet in our Twinspace and she suggested us some projects for our students.

Finally, Thursday was our last day with the German team. We finished our learning scenarios and we also enjoyed a final meeting with them to exchange views and analyse the enriching week we had spent together.