Art treasures

Last week six students from our high school travelled to Norden (Germany) accompanied by two teachers to meet again after two years with their German classmates from the Ulrichgymnasium high school in the city of Norden. This visit corresponds to the short stay mobility by the Spanish students who had received in February 2020 in Xàtiva their German classmates and could not be carried out that year, as planned due to the pandemic.

This meeting between students is framed within the Erasmus + program that coordinates  Lluís Simarro secondary school together with its German partner and that had to be implemented during the courses 2019 to 2021 having as the main objective the traditions and the arts as an improvement to academic performance.

The Spanish students have been hosted by their German classmates and have lived with their families sharing with them their culture being a very enriching experience for their learning process.

The Ulrichsgymnasium school has planned a week full of activities: Visit to the Seal Sanctuary Norddeich, a space for the care and protection of seals, visit to the city of Oldenburg where they enjoyed a magnificent exhibition of «Planet or plastic» of National Geographic, a space that shows the damage caused by plastic in the environment.

Visit to the island of Langeoog, a magnificent opportunity to appreciate the great differences between the North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea in terms of the functioning of the tides and enjoying on the way back how seals live in the wild.

It’s important to mention also  the visit to the Tea Museum in Norden, an incredible landmark of  this city. There the students appreciated the importance of this traditional drink and learnt details of its production, elaboration and consumption within the framework of the local tradition.

Finally, we would like to highlight the final products that have resulted from the project, on the one hand a tangible product, represented by some works of art made by the students in collaborative groups formed by students from both countries involved in the Erasmus + project. It should be noted that the materials used for the artistic creations were collected on the island of Langeoog. On the other hand, the intangible product,  which comes from the whole set of experiences that the students have lived firsthand and that they will surely never forget.

Sharing our cultural heritage to improve school performance

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