Ulrich Gymnasium Norden


Ulrich Gymnasium Norden

The Ulrichsgymnasium Norden is a state school with about 100 teachers 1350 students from year 5 to 13, which means the students are from about 10 to 19 years old. All students are planning to do their A-levels at the end of year 13. As the Ulrichsgymnasium is the only grammar school in an area with the radius of 20 kms, it offers a wide range of profiles  -languages, art and music, social studies and science. 

Especially art, drama and music have always played an important part at our school. Every class is taught art and music up to year ten and then the students can choose between art, music and drama as school subjects. Moreover, we have a Drama Club for the younger students and a Musical Club for all ages, blowing classes, singing classes, a string orchestra, variety (vaudeville) performances, two choirs and a brass band. These subjects and activities offer the possibility of integrating students from abroad like refugees far better than normal lessons. 

In addition, it often helps to improve the students’ academic performance by boosting their self-confidence. Working
together with another school in Europe, i.e. Spain, at which the arts also Play an important role, will further promote the Motivation of the students to improve their skills. Coordinating members of the Project are Astrid Willamowski (Erasmus-coordinator), Kathrin Romaneessen (Spanish and English teacher), Shakti Babel (Spanish and P.E. teacher) and Jochen Fischer (Music and English teacher). In Addition, there are several teachers who have declared their cooperation in order to attend the different activities planned in this project mainly focused on how to integrate our common cultural heritage in the syllabus. 

When Astrid Willamowski leaves the School (retirement), Kathrin Romaneesen will take over. We are absolutely convinced that sharing our teaching and learning experiences with IES Dr. Lluis Simarro is the best way to improve student’s performance at both schools. Furthermore, it also implies being aware of our European citizenship, which would be impossible without this Erasmus + project. Our school is fully committed to carry out this project as you can read in the letter of intention attached to this form.

Sharing our cultural heritage to improve school performance

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